What’s a wonton?

What’s a wonton? We hear that a lot and we get it, a wonton can be hard to describe to someone – especially the ones we make. What’s in it? Is it like a dumpling? Like wonton soup right? Can it change my life?20130831_112917

One difference between a wonton and a dumpling is the wrapper or the “skin”. Wonton wrappers are square and usually thinner than a dumpling wrapper. Another difference is the way they are cooked. Wontons can be deep fried, which in our opinion (when done right), is the best way to enjoy them.

We make a couple of “traditional style” wontons like the OG and Crab Rangoon but other than that, our wonton “flavors” are not what you would typically find in a Chinese restaurant, or anywhere else for that matter. Savory flavors like Mac ‘N Cheese with Bacon, Pulled Pork, and Chicken ‘N Waffles have become customer favorites. We also make sweet flavors like the Peach Cobbler, where we use fresh peaches from the farmers market, turn that into a homemade cobbler, scoop it into a wonton wrapper, deep fry it to order, sprinkle with powered sugar, and serve it with whip cream… Yum!

So there you have it – our definition of a Drummin’ Up Wonton’s wonton! 20130531_133839Check out our rotating menu and like us on Facebook to see what wonton flavors we are Drummin’ Up next.